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A selection of articles, op-eds and other items featuring Regavim from various media outlets

Regavim: Israel has failed to formulate policy on Judea and Samaria


Under Settler Pressure, Israel Extends Antiquities Authority’s Powers Into West Bank


Right slams gov’t. for removing a West Bank home

Jerusalem Post

Why Jews Can’t Buy Land in the West Bank

The Israel Guys

How European Union Funding of West Bank Activities Breaches Int’l Law & Undermines Peace


Regavim – Restoring Common Sense Governance & Sovereign Thinking

Times of Israel (blogs)

European Lawmakers Fight EU’s Funding of PA’s Illegal Takeover of Area C

United with Israel

Bennett to give first Khan al-Ahmar response to HCJ, after two-day delay

Jerusalem Post

Arab fields ‘destroyed by IDF’ found to be lands stolen from Israel

World Israel News

There is NO Defense of Jordanian Law #40

AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel)

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