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A selection of articles, op-eds and other items featuring Regavim from various media outlets

Israel needs to enforce the Kaminitz law on illegal construction

Jerusalem Post

EU funds unapproved Palestinian school in Israeli-controlled Area C

Enlace Judio (Spanish)

Regavim: PA Builds Illegal School on Israeli Territory, Funded by EU


Illegal church-built tunnel on Mount Zion concealed by the city

Jerusalem Post

‘Palestinians continue to take over archeological sites in Samaria’

Israel Hayom

The Wonders of Khirbet Humsa, a “thrice-demolished” village


Arab squatters commandeer Temple-era archaeological site


Bedouin vandalized Jewish Negev cemetery in Israel

i24 (French)

Israel’s nomadic Bedouins at odds with modernised state

Irish Times

The Battle for Area C: Is the Tide About to Turn?


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