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A selection of articles, op-eds and other items featuring Regavim from various media outlets

Don’t Be Misled: The Palestinian Authority Firmly Supports Hamas Massacre

The Jewish Press

PA officials express ‘great joy’ over Hamas atrocities


The Washington Outsider Report: EP114 – Karys Rhea & Naomi Linder Kahn

The Coalition Radio Network

No one wants the Palestinian Arabs

Israel National News – Arutz sheva

Illegal PA building along Green Line ‘a ticking bomb’


Israel Must Adopt a Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Illegal Palestinian Settlements

The Western Journal

Israeli lawmakers fight to protect biblical city of Jericho as Jewish historical site

i24 news

EU threatens to sue as Israel demolishes illegal PA school

European Jewish Press

Israel takes steps to combat ‘harmful’ polygamy in Bedouin community

Ynet English

Palestinian Arab surveyors working within Area C


Israeli gov’t to protect archaeological sites in West Bank Area C

Jerusalem Post

Regavim’s point woman in the US says American Jewry has it all wrong


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