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A selection of articles, op-eds and other items featuring Regavim from various media outlets

Court moves to end polygamy among Bedouin in rare enforcement of law

Kan English (Radio)

חאן אל אחמר

Government asks High Court for more time to prepare razing of Bedouin village

Times of Israel

חאן אל אחמר

Netanyahu ignores BAGATS decision on illegal outpost

Mignews (Russian)

Polygamy in Bedouin tribes to be condemned in Israel

Alliance (French)

The Palestinian humanitarian public deception organized from Europe

Audiatur Online (German)

EU, France build illegal school for PA Arabs in Israeli Area C


Israel Is Proud to Have Halted International Projects for Palestinians in Area C


A hole in the heart of the nation


Crocodile tears are green, too

Times of Israel

Sovereignty in reverse: Palestinians have seized 30 percent of Israeli land in territories

World Israel News

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