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A selection of articles, op-eds and other items featuring Regavim from various media outlets

Conflict in the Negev desert a source of growing unrest in Israel

Världen idag (Swedish)

Bedouin lawmaker seeks change through new Israeli government


Illegal Settlements and High Crime Rates: Is Israel Losing Control Over Its South?

Sputnik International

How will Bennett deal with illegal land grabs by Negev Bedouin?


Can the incoming gov’t change Israel’s approach to the Negev Bedouin?

Jerusalem Post

New gov’t will permit rampant illegal Arab construction, says watchdog

World Israel News

Terrorist Infiltrates Israel From Gaza, Stabs Unarmed Security Guard

The Yeshiva World

Volunteers gather to protect residents of Lod from rioters


Israel needs to enforce the Kaminitz law on illegal construction

Jerusalem Post

EU funds unapproved Palestinian school in Israeli-controlled Area C

Enlace Judio (Spanish)

Regavim: PA Builds Illegal School on Israeli Territory, Funded by EU


Illegal church-built tunnel on Mount Zion concealed by the city

Jerusalem Post

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