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Officers by Day, Terrorists by Night

Palestinian Authority Security Forces Officers’ Involvement in Terrorism || March 2024

The Palestinian Authority’s Conquest of the Security Buffer Zone

Report by the Regavim Movement

The Israel Envelope, 2023

Danger! The Palestinian Authority has conquered Israel’s security buffer zone. The Palestinian Authority has been hard at work for years, taking over the area between Judea and Samaria and “little Israel” by creating a band of construction that threatens every inch of the State of Israel. Residents of central Israel, take a good look at […]

Virtual Reality

The Myth of Historic Bedouin Villages in the Negev || June 2023

The Vanishing Negev

Land Use Policy and Practice in the Negev 2005-21 || June 2023

Desert Blooms: The Case of “Masafer Yatta”

Fact and Fiction in the South Hebron Region || January 2023

War of Attrition – The Map

A precise map marking each of the 81,317 illegal Arab-built structures in Area C || 2022

Sde Boker Initiative – Negev 2050

Planning the Negev – 2050 and beyond || December 2022

War of Attrition 2022

Updated report on the Fayyad Plan || October 2022

Backgrounder: Khan al Ahmar

A short document outlining the story of the PA’s flagship illegal outpost || July 2022

Map of illegal construction in Area C

A GIF that illustrates the situation on the ground in #BattleforAreaC || February 2022

As Easy as A, B, C

The Palestinian Authority’s Weaponization of Schools in the #BattleforAreaC || August 2021

Action Points in the #BattleforAreaC

How to Stop the Palestinian Annexation of Judea & Samaria || April 2021

War of Attrition

The Fayyad Plan – a decade on || December 2019

Illegal Automotive Junkyards in Northern Israel

Environmental report || May 2019

Net Values: Area C

A detailed map of Judea & Samaria, divided up into Areas A, B & C || December 2018

Land utilization in Areas A & B

A map that answers the question: is there space to build in Area A and B? || December 2018

Roots of Evil

#BattleforAreaC || November 2018

Measure for Measure

An index of judicial parity || June 2018


Report on polygamy in Israel || March 2018

Truth About The Bedouin

Dismissing and disproving the various Bedouin myths || January 2018

Plan for Regulating Bedouin Settlement in the Negev

Regavim’s plan for regulating Bedouin settlement || January 2017

The Wild South

The stealth encroachment of the Judean Desert, backed by European funding || January 2017

EU construction in Area C

A report on European involvement in illegal construction || November 2014

Israeli Settlement in Judea & Samaria Through the Prism of International Law

A report on the status of Judea of Samaria in international law || 2014

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