Field Division

Regavim’s field coordinators keep close tabs on what’s happening on State land throughout the Land of Israel. We investigate and document who’s building what, where, why, with whose permission, and then “connect the dots” to see the big picture, to identify trends and strategic developments. We monitor nature reserves, IDF training grounds, and every inch of public land from the Negev in the south to the Golan Heights in the north.

In addition to our physical presence in the field, we use a range of tools to carry out our work: GIS maps, drones, old and new satellite images, and more. Our field work is the cornerstone of everything we do, providing the building blocks for our legal, legislative and public policy activities.

Contact us:
Moshe Shmueli, Judea and Samaria Coordinator – js.regavim@gmail.com
Mano Lazar, South Coordinator – regev532@gmail.com

Legal Divison

Regavim’s Legal Division operates on a number of levels simultaneously: On the administrative level, our Legal Division translates our field coordinators’ findings into action, addressing the relevant authorities with specific demands for law enforcement action against instances of illegal land use or environmental abuse. When necessary, our Legal Division takes the case up another level, petitioning the courts in order to compel the authorities to take action. Through prosecution of exemplar cases, Regavim brings the demand for equal and universal law enforcement to the fore, driving the battle for Israeli sovereignty and Jewish rights to the top of Israel’s public agenda.

Our Legal Division also provides highly-specialized legal counsel in land-related cases, generates policy papers, formulating and advocating for legislation on issues that form the core of Regavim’s agenda. Regavim’s Legal Division is comprised of jurists with highly-specialized expertise in the complex administrative, legislative and judicial frameworks of land law, environmental protection, planning and construction in Israel and in Judea and Samaria.

Contact us:
Attorney Boaz Artzi

Policy and Parliamentary Division

Regavim’s Policy Division brings our agenda to the nexus of public policy and law, through formulation and dissemination of policy papers and participation in parliamentary hearings and the legislative process as a whole. Regavim’s Policy Division has emerged as a trusted source of data, a leader in strategic analysis, and an important contributor to Knesset deliberations and public discussion regarding law and policy in land-use issues.

Contact us:
Avraham Binyamin

International Division

Our International Division brings Regavim’s agenda and publications, activism and research to non-Hebrew speaking audiences in Israel and around the world. Through direct contact with journalists, diplomats, activists, and public opinion influencers, we provide facts and analysis that shape the conversation, impact the policy process, and create a framework for the restoration of the Zionist vision to the public discourse. In addition, we continue to shine a spotlight on foreign financial and diplomatic support for Palestinian Authority violations of international law in Judea and Samaria.

Contact us:
Naomi Kahn, Director of International Division – naomi@regavim.org
Sam Whitefield, New Media

The activities of all Regavim’s divisions are publicized throughout local and international media on a daily basis. You can also learn more about our efforts on various social media platforms.

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