You won’t silence us!

Naomi Kahn, Regavim’s International Director, was in Toronto for a speaking tour last week, and met hundreds of people from the local Jewish community to discuss issues such as governance and sovereignty in the Negev and in Judea and Samaria, and about Regavim’s activities in general.

Naomi also encountered hostile, anti-Israel organizations and BDS activists who called to boycott her visit and block tax-exempt donations to Regavim from Canada.

We won’t allow extremist organizations and activists to silence us and take away our right to share our views, data, and research anywhere we choose. We welcome debate, discussion, and disagreement – but we refuse to allow fanatical political movements to dictate what we can and cannot say.

In response to those who wish to silence Regavim, we invite you to support our activities. Make an online, tax-deductible donation here.

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