A photo from within the illegal mosque at the Mercy Gate

We warned, we explained, we reminded the authorities, and we even went to the High Court of Justice. Yet the national disgrace continues, as the Wakf’s takeover of a 1400-year old structure at the Mercy Gate has allowed it to become a breeding ground for terrorism.

Back in February 2019, the Muslim Religious Trust (Wakf) extended their control to an additional section of the Temple Mount and started to operate a new mosque with regular prayers, Islamic study classes, and other religious activities. This move was a blatant breach of the status quo and a further infringement of Jewish rights at Judaism’s holiest site.

After a lengthy legal battle, and despite our protests, the building remains open and active.

Earlier this month, the police turned to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court to issue an order to shutter the site and shut down its operation – precisely as we requested all those months ago. According to the Police Department application, the site serves as a hub for Hamas activity, as it did when first closed by court order over a decade ago.

What about Israeli sovereignty, you ask? What about common sense, law and order?

Well, today we mark the 9th of Av, the day on which the Holy Temples that served as the epicenter of  Jewish worship and the ultimate expression of Jewish sovereignty were destroyed. Our nation was exiled for almost 2000 years, and although we have returned home, our sovereignty remains deficient.

We shall continue to mourn, raise our voice, strive for a better reality, and yearn for days of proper Jewish sovereignty – first and foremost on the Temple Mount. Join us, and together, with God’s help, we shall succeed. And as the Talmud (Taanit 30b) states: “Whoever mourns for Jerusalem, will merit and see her future joy.”

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