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EU involvement in Illegal Building in Area C – Position Paper

Over many years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has benefited from the virtually unqualified support of the European Union.  In recent years, European support has moved from passive diplomatic and financial assistance to a situation of active cooperation in illegal building which the Palestinian Authority has been advancing unilaterally since 2009, as part of its strategic plan to create a Palestinian ... Read More »


ANNOUNCEMENT COMES HOURS AFTER SEVEN MEMBERS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL PARLIMENTARY CAUCUS VISIT SUSSIYA AND CLASH WITH PALESTINIAN AGITATORS Regavim has pledged to keep-up the pressure on the Israeli government until the it upholds the Supreme Court rulings to demolish an illegal EU-funded squatter camp near Sussiya. The call comes one day after Israeli Knesset Members from the Land ... Read More »

State to Supreme Court: “Rawabi paved part of the road on private land”

The access route to the city of Rawabi was built partly on private land – and without the consent of the owner, according to the latest comments by the State prior to the hearing of a petition filed by Regavim. Following the discussion, the Court gave Rawabi six months to prove ownership of the land. Two years ago, Regavim appealed ... Read More »

Who will save the lifeguard? – When law enforcers don’t do what they need to do until we “remind” them

Last May, our area scouts noticed activity at an illegal garage in an area of eight plots of land designated for residential area in the Darijat village. At the same time, we approached the chairman of the Design and Construction Committee, Abu Basma, and we warned the committee about the garage operations. Beyond the problem of illegality in operating the ... Read More »

Public Works Department Paves the Way to Illegal Quarries

PWD works carried out in recent weeks on the access roads Meitzad and Pnei Kedem communities are not exactly paving the right roads. Our field staff noticed that the contractor that is doing the road paving took all the excess asphalt and paved a road connecting Wadi Sair, and the beit fajr quarries.  These are the illegal quarries that the ... Read More »

Camels Are Costing Lives in Southern Israel

Amichai Yogev from the Regavim Organization, that is tracking the phenomenon of stray camels in the Negev, arrived yesterday at the scene of the fatal accident in which a woman was killed by a camel. “How much blood must be shed in order to begin to enforce the law?” The camels wandering on the roads in the Negev took another ... Read More »

I Became Ill With Respiratory Cancer – My Son Was Having Trouble Breathing

A resident of Mitzpe Ilan tearfully told the Interior Committee hearing about the smoke and charcoal pollution in the Northern Samaria. Representatives from Regavim responded to the Knesset members: You should know better, the legislation has been in the law books for a long time, the problem is the lack of enforcement. The smokestacks operating in the Northern Samaria have ... Read More »

A Break Through the Wall of the Temple Mount

Who is behind the planned Break through the wall of the Temple Mount? (And why is the country ignoring it completely ?!) Lately, the Muslim Waqf has been carrying out destructive work on the archaeological site adjacent to the Temple Mount for the purpose of preparing a public use for the benefit of Muslim worshipers. This can cause sewer from ... Read More »