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Happy New Year from Regavim

Year in Review – 5774 (2014) Despite a tumultuous summer, where we were tragically reminded of the importance of protecting our volatile borders and our soft underbelly, Regavim has continued its battle in the courts and in the field to protect the Land of Israel. As we end year 5774, we’re both optimistic and concerned. Optimistic because we are definitely succeeding and we see the fruits of our labors. We can point out a number of changes in the right direction.

But we are concerned because we have a long road ahead of us, since a great responsibility rests on our shoulders and, alongside the good things that are happening, there setbacks and evil winds blowing in the halls where the land upon which we live is administered. Summing it up, it looks like the cup is half full, and we are encouraged, we believe, and we continue with a lot of energy.   grains

The Sabbatical year, Shmita, is drawing near.   This year is an excellent opportunity for all of us to strengthen our connection with the Land of Israel, with its holiness, its essence, what it means to us and what we mean to it. We should remember our common denominator, rich and poor alike, and strengthen our hold on it by being actively involved in the struggle to protect the Land of Israel.

This year, dear friends, we have chosen to share a taste of what was achieved in the past year in each of the geographical areas where we are active. We are happy that we have a lot to tell, maybe too much. Sit down, take a deep breath and accept our wishes for a good and blessed year!

Shana Tova from Regavim

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