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Why Bother with Facts When Fake News is So Much Easier?

Apparently, Haaretz and Zehava Galon don’t need to stick to the facts or check what’s really happening on the ground.

Under the blazing headline “Stop the Evictions,” this morning’s editorial in Haaretz unleashed a full-scale attack, notifying readers in Israel and around the world that the State of Israel is planning to evict hundreds of unfortunate Palestinian Bedouin, victims of recurring “illegal, unjustified and dangerous” Israeli actions, from two villages in Israel’s Jordan Valley – Ein al Hilweh and Umm Jamal.

Zehava Galon, who tweeted about it yesterday, told her readers that these villages “have been there for decades” and that they “are situated on private, Arab-owned land.”

Perhaps Haaretz and Galon don’t feel the need to come out and check the facts on the ground – but we most certainly do.

There’s no need for a time machine to know what was happening in the area only a few years ago. All you need is some aerial photos: The only thing out there until very recently were the tents of nomads, who migrated from place to place with the changing seasons.

The Palestinian Authority has been making a concerted effort to establish facts on the ground and to turn every makeshift campsite and tent into an ”ancient, historic village” in order to take control of the Jordan Valley, one slice at a time.

It seems there are those who want to help the PA achieve their goal.

“Fake news” is unjustified and dangerous. It must be exposed for what it is, and must be stopped.

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