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Who’s Robbing Us of Our Legacy?

We are blessed and privileged to live in a country whose earth covers the physical remains of thousands of years of history. Apparently, grave robbers and antiquities bandits aren’t all that interested in the story behind the artifacts; their only interest is cash, and in pursuit of an easy payday they don’t care if they destroy the physical record of this beautiful country’s rich history.


This is what we’re up against: Every day, Israel’s archeological sites are stripped and defaced. So why has the Civil Administration appointed only one (let me repeat that: 1, singular, solitary) inspector for all of Judea and Samaria, an area literally shoulder-deep in archaeological sites and artifacts that illustrate and illuminate our ancient connection to the Land of Israel? One lone inspector cannot possibly begin to address the ongoing destruction that could well cause catastrophic, irreversible damage to the historical record of the Land of Israel.


The joint RegavimShomrim al HaNetzach (Preserving the Eternal) Project addresses this crisis. We urge you to view the article (in Hebrew) about this project here; share it with your friends, and post a comment on the Facebook pages of the Minister in charge of Antiquities (Culture Minister Miri Regev) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is particularly sensitive to Israel’s history.


Antiquities theft is robbing us of our legacy, and it must be stopped!

Regavim – Restoring Israel’s Sovereignty