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Who will save the lifeguard? – When law enforcers don’t do what they need to do until we “remind” them

Last May, our area scouts noticed activity at an illegal garage in an area of eight plots of land designated for residential area in the Darijat village. At the same time, we approached the chairman of the Design and Construction Committee, Abu Basma, and we warned the committee about the garage operations.

Beyond the problem of illegality in operating the industrial complex in a residential area without authorization and supervision of the environmental committees, the commandeering of residential lots by a private entity violates the regulation plan of the Bedouin settlements in the region and causes further damage.

By law, the authorities have to respond to the letter within 45 days. Our letter was sent on May 5 and the response of attorney Chen Avitan was received on only June 29, which states that at the beginning of this month (July) will begin investigating into the matter and, only at the end of the investigation, enforcement action will begin against the building and suspects.

Exactly the same story, but in a different location, happened to us with an iron factory in the village of Tarabin. There we also warned about the subject at the beginning of April, and there we also got the same answer, and after a significant delay.

Such enforcement processes can take years and the authority responsible for the enforcement of the law are slow to take action. They completely ignored the factory and only now, just as we turned to them, are they taking steps, and yet still try to avoid their initial disregard of our letters.

What will be the end? We will keep you updated. Meanwhile, please share this so everyone will know.


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