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What we are up against

The Silent Conquest

Ever so quietly, without the roar of battle and clamor of war, the Jewish People is being robbed of the Land of Israel.

On this battlefield cement mixers have replaced tanks, plows replace cannons and innocent-looking civilians replace uniformed soldiers.

Only the goal remains the same: Dis-inheriting the Jews of their land, and the conquest and settling of the Land of Israel. 

Acre after acre, house after house, buying, squatting, illegally cultivating the soil that is not theirs, sometimes with guile, other times with violence, with huge sums of money and firmly backed by anti-Zionist organizations in Israel and abroad, Israel is losing its hold on the Jewish people’s lands.

This is not happening only on the far side of the country, but here, in the very heart of Israel and in the heart of the consensus areas, in the Galilee, in the Negev, in Jerusalem, in the coastal plain Triangle and in Judea and Samaria.

Under the auspices of the hesitant Israeli leadership and the bound hands of the enforcement authorities, time is slipping away and with it, the land reserves that belong to us and future generations.

Ramifications and long-term damage

This is not “only” about building violations and the illegal takeover of state lands. The repercussions of the “silent conquest” strike at almost every corner, at every aspect of our daily lives:

  • Agricultural crime, theft, large scale damage
  • “Protection” – extortion through violence and threats
  • Hooliganism in the streets and violence in malls and entertainment centers
  • Environmental pollution and damage to nature and landscapes.
  • Damaging our quality of life