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UCI interviews Ari Briggs of Regavim

Regavim offers field trips all over the country to see first hand the damage done by the unequal application of the law and the silent conquest of Israel’s National lands. Judith Nussbaum from the UCI joined Regavim recently for a field trip to the Negev. What she saw with her own eyes shocked and disturbed her. however she was encouraged by Regavim’s struggle. “It is encouraging to see the continued fight for Jewish rights to their ancient land with such organizations as Regavim. We can all support these ardent Zionists who are “on the ground” documenting outright theft of sovereign Israeli lands and legally battling to win it back. Here is UCI’s Judith Nusbaum interviewing Regavim’s Director of International Affairs, Ari Briggs reporting on their recent victories and ongoing struggles with the illegal Bedouin land-grab.”