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The truth about Umm Al-Hiran and Hiran

Please read this important Jerusalem Post column by Regavim Senior Adviser Ari Briggs debunking the media’s myth that #Israel is demolishing the Bedouin “village” of Umm Al-Hiran to replace it with a “Jewish” town called Hiran.

The fact is that Hiran is open to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bedouins or anyone else who wants to buy there.

For those Bedouin who built illegally in Umm Al-Hiran and don’t want to buy in Hiran, the government has plots with utilities infrastructure already waiting in the legal community of Hura AND has offered monetary compensation for those Bedouin who want to be put on the grid and reap the benefits of living in Israeli society.

As Briggs explains WORDS ARE IMPORTANT! Especially when it comes to understanding the complexities of the situation and getting the facts right, here in Israel.

“So what is a “Jewish town”? Do they exist? Is one being built? Are they legal? On the other hand, do “non-Jewish towns” exist? And if so, are they legal? Radical left-wing organizations such as Adallah and Bimkom have orchestrated the battle, determined to label the story of Hiran a national (and now international) battle, and do not hesitate to spread false information which presents Israel as a racist bully. Israel is demeaned throughout the world as seeking to uproot and destroy a long-standing Beduin village to establish a “Jewish community” on its ruins.”