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The story of a farmer -Yehuda Marmor

Since 1997 Yehuda has grazed 200 cattle in the Galil on 500 acres of land leased from the Israel Land Authority (ILA). 10 years ago people from the neighbouring village of Bir al Maksor started to tear down his fences and graze their flocks on his land. After 200 complaints to the Police, who dismissed them as not in the public interest, Yehuda went to court in 2009 to try to put a halt to this phenomena. The villages claimed the ILA wouldn't lease them land so they had to take someone else's. In the ILA's defence the ILA showed that in the past, the defendants had refused to pay for the land they leased so the ILA black listed them.  In 2011 the Judge handed down an interim order to apportion 50 acres of Yehuda's land in favor of the defendants, with Yehuda having to continue to pay the ILA for the whole amount. No date has been set for a final ruling on the case. Understanding that leasing State Land for grazing protects the land against fires and the illegal takeover of the land, Regavim has taken on this case. In parallel, Regavim has drafted legislation ensuring land intrusion is a serious enough crime to be taken seriously by the police.


As we can see from the security cameras intruders break through the fence to get onto Yehuda's land

Followed by their cows