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The Real Story – Installment #1

The end of February B’tselem posted the Tweet seen of the left:

Bulldozers Close Off Access Road to Yata from Main Highway 2020-02-24

But is that the real story?

Israeli authorities are again trying to close the smuggling route in the south of the Hebron hills. Between the Arab village of Yata to the Arad area runs an illegally paved tarmac, part of the Palestinian Authority’s strategic attempt to takeover IDF training areas in southern Hebron.

Several times over the past years, Regavim has raised the warned about this danger. In contrast to what organizations like B’Tzelem try to convince, you this passage needs to be closed to prevent the passage of arms, drugs, criminals, and women for polygamy. 

Despite this momentary success, one should always remember that the effect of closing an existing road is minimal. The lines are constantly being breached, and the guns, the drugs, and human trafficking keep flowing.

We think the danger's obvious, don't you?