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The Long and Winding Road

Just off Route 5 (The Trans-Samaria Highway), at the Gitai Avisar Junction, an illegal commercial compound has been operating for months – complete with a makeshift open-air market, several temporary structures, and a few sheds. The parking lot serves as a taxi and shuttle station, serving the surrounding Arab villages.
This illegal commercial center, located in Area C – under full Israeli administrative and security jurisdiction – poses a serious threat to both the safety and the security of all residents of the Shomron who travel on Route 5, the main thoroughfare between Gush Dan, the City of Ariel, and the towns and settlements of the Shomron.
This past August, Regavim lodged a formal complaint with the Civil Administration. Their response: Action will be taken in accordance with enforcement priorities.

We are happy to report that this past week, the Civil Administration cleared the area. We applaud the Civil Administration for these decisive enforcement procedures, and hope that additional hazards in the same vicinity will be cleared in the near future.
For additional information, see the recent coverage in the Hebrew press here.

The Gitai Avisar Junction at Route 5 – Before and After