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The “History Awaits” Campaign

We recently concluded a major campaign focused on the Trump plan and the sovereignty issue.

The campaign succeeded in generating widespread public interest and discussion, in Israel and abroad. Our messages, which appeared on billboards, buses, internet sites and in the media, illustrated the historic choice facing Prime Minister Netanyahu by presenting prominent figures who played pivotal roles in Israel’s history and public consciousness. Our message to the Prime Minister was that the moment at hand will determine his legacy – and the choice is his alone: Will he be remembered as the courageous and visionary leader who brought Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley under Israeli sovereignty, or as the man who paved the way toward a terrorist Palestinian  state in Israel’s heartland?  The campaign’s messages pitted Yoni Netanyahu against Dan Halutz, David Ben Gurion versus Ariel Sharon, Geulah Cohen versus Shulamit Aloni, Neville Chamberlain versus Winston Churchill, and more.

The campaign’s more subtle message was that the “Trump Plan” is actually “The Netanyahu Plan,” and Bibi alone will determine how and what the plan will include. The question isn’t whether the ‘deal of the century’ is good or bad for the Jews; the question is to what extent and in what manner the plan will be carried out

Major media items that covered the campaign:

Washington Post: Israel’s Netanyahu still working out West Bank annexation plans

Israel National News: Regavim Campaign: ‘Netanyahu, Your Legacy is Calling.’