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The facts about Umm-Hiran

  1. The Abu Al Qian family (approx. 50 people at the time) lived in the area of Bet Kama in the Negev.
  2. Based on a 1957 official Government letter, the Abu Al Qian agreed to be moved to another location because they were involved in weapons smuggling and security incidents.Al Quia'an Government decision Umm - Al Hiran
  3. The larger tribe in the area of Bet Kama, Al Huzayyal, was allied with Israel so the behaviour of Abu Al Qian caused friction in the area.
  4. Al Qian tribe were offered to live in the area of Atir, on State land, until a permanent location was found.
  5. The Al Qian family expanded and set up in the Hiran as well as other locations in the area
  6. In early 1980’s Israel developed the town of Hura for the Al-Qian tribe – 3 miles from Hiran for permanent residence.Abu Al Qian and Hura
  7. Israel provides each male of Al Qian clan free land (close to ¼ acre) in Hura (additional land for each wife) as well as free infrastructure and money to help them build. (Not available to any non-Bedouin people in Israel)Plots in Hura
  8. Bedouin in the Negev are also offered grazing land at a symbolic US 0.25 per ¼ acre per year so they can continue herding.
  9.  In 1980’s most of Al-Qian tribe leave Hiran area for Hura. Today 2/3’s of the tribe live in Hura.
  10. In 1980’s Israel published a development plan for the Northern Negev to establish new towns in the area. No appeal or complaints were lodged at that time.1971 aerial photo plus municipal boundary
  11. Over the last 20 years the population of Umm al Hiran has grown 500% indicating widespread migration of Bedouin to the area once the development plans for the area where known.Umm al Hiran 1971Umm Al Hiran 2012`
  12. There is no such thing as a “Jewish” town in Israel (High Court case – Katzir). Other than Bedouin/Arab towns, (High Court case  – Avitan – cultural minority status), all towns are open to all citizens of Israel regardless of race or religion.
  13. The town of Hiran is planned as an open town.
  14. The government has stated it has no problem making plots available within Hiran for the residents of Umm Al Hiran based on the existing development plan
  15. The High Court ruled on May 5th, 2015 that the government had correctly developed the plan for Hiran, correctly provided for a permanent location for the Al Qian family and offered generous compensation allowing them to move to Hura.

See more information in the Hiran Facts File below:

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