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Sussiya and Khan al Akhmar: Truth and Lies

A Day of Reckoning for the Anti-Israel Left
Arik Ascherman’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post, in which he reported on his “testimony” before a US Senate briefing convened by the Rebuilding Alliance, is a pristine example of selective reporting and purposeful omission.
In a manipulative misuse of the emotive words of our liturgy, Ascherman implied that the Government of Israel, its Supreme Court, and by implication each and every one of Israel’s citizens, is somehow to blame for “playing God” and conspiring to take the lives of innocent Bedouin individuals and communities, bringing about their demise “by bulldozer, … at gunpoint, by direct force, and … by slow strangulation.”
Here’s a healthy dose of facts, as they appeared in a recent article in the Jerusalem Post:

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