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Shana Tova from Judea & Samaria

This year the Supreme Court issued a number of decisions to our petitions, that set significant precedents in the defense of Jewish settlement. In the parliamentary field, we initiated many discussions in Knesset committees that dealt with a variety of topics: illegal Arab construction, “quiet annexation” by the Palestinian Authority, illegal activities by foreign countries, selective law enforcement by the authorities against the Jewish sector, etc. We published position papers that were distributed to the policy-makers and media on these topics. And of course, we continued to aid the Jewish farmers with legal help.

We’re in the Game

In a decision given by the Supreme court, the “Peace Now’ petition to raze the Haresha and Yovel outposts was rejected. Five of the six precedent-setting legal decisions relied on the rulings to petitions of Regavim. It is a significant achievement to be able to defeat “Peace Now” with their bucket loads of money, at their own game and a definite  booster shot!

Here’s another recent example: We submitted a petition against a Palestinian outpost in the Har Hevron hills area, that was built on private property of other Palestinians. The court decided that construction on private property, in a case where the owners do not claim infringement, does not have to be the top priority of the Civil Administration. The decision has a great deal of significance for the defense of Jewish settlements against the petitions of the extreme Left and is another precedent setting win.

Supreme court

In the Parliamentary Field: This year, we initiated a large number of discussions in the subcommittee for Judea and Samaria of the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defense. Among the other topics raised were: international organizations that operate in Judea and Samaria while breaking the law and harming Israel’s interests, illegal construction, incursion into firing zones and construction there and the significant takeover by the Palestinian Authority of areas in E1 and the Adumim area.

committee meeting discussion

Adumim Area and E1: The Palestinian takeover of the Adumim Area has been promoted by the PA with the help of international organizations (such as the EU), with the goal of strangling Jewish settlement and creating facts on the ground. The helplessness that the Defense Minister is demonstrating permits the continuation of  this Palestinian illegal behavior. That is why we are preparing for activity that will begin after the holidays with the intention of awakening the Defense Minister before it is too late.

Aerial Photo outposts Gush Adumim

With the farmers: We continue to offer legal support to a variety of struggles that farmers must deal with to keep possession of the land – opposite the extreme left-wing organizations and facing systemic injustices and harassment, especially by the legal system.

Position Papers: We published a number of position papers on various issues including:

Big Bluff Report II – enforcement of planning and construction laws in Judea and Samaria in 2010-2012, data from the Civil Administration shows that enforcement in the Jewish sector deals mainly with residential buildings. In the Arab sector, enforcement deals primarily with temporary and negligible structures. This is follow up to the original report made in 2010 for the years 2007-2009.

Silent Annexation – a survey of the construction activity of the PA in Area C. The silent annexation is the product of planning and thought and is carried out by the “salami method” – one piece at a time – methodically and consistently.

Survey of Judea and Samaria lands-its source, aims and significance: a survey of the process of declaring state land. A position paper was sent to the media and decision makers following the declaration of 400 dunam of state lands in Gush Etzion.

Construction Festival-a review of the phenomenon of thePalestinian illegal construction boom during the Jewish holidays while the Civil Administration inspectors are on vacation.

Environment without Protection: While Israel turns a blind eye, the PA tramples on nature, scenery and the environment in Area B of Judea and Samaria. A worrisome picture of the unprotected environment. Examples we have dealt with are the charcoal “industry”, lack of treatment of sewage flowing into streams and water issues.

Between Aid and Undermining: Hundreds of international organizations are active in Judea and Samaria under insufficient supervision, while harming significant Israeli interests, and in many cases in clear violation of the law. The position paper includes a survey of the situation and recommendations.

Ovad Arad, Judea & Samaria Manager - Investigating the Binyamin Region

Ovad Arad, Judea & Samaria Manager – Investigating the Binyamin Region