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Regavim responds to Chief Justice Naor:

What does Political Bias Smell Like?



Chief Justice Miriam Naor’s response to the motion filed by Regavim is another example of Israel’s Judicial Branch overstepping its boundaries: The only body empowered with the authority to decide whether or not a ceremony is an official state event is the Government of Israel, the Executive Branch.

Chief Justice Naor’s response raises even greater questions in light of her participation in a December 2016 conference at The Jerusalem Ethics Center, an organization headed by Ruth Heshin, board member of Yesh Din, a radical-left NGO. At that event, which was undeniably politicized, both the organizers and the speakers were clearly identified with the radical left wing of Israel’s political spectrum – but this did not seem to perturb Chief Justice Naor or to cause her any of the discomfort she is currently experiencing as a result of “the aroma of politicization.”

It is unfortunate that specifically regarding an official state ceremony, created by an Executive Decision of the Government of Israel, celebrating 50 years since the liberation of Judea, Samaria, the Golan, and the Jordan Valley, Chief Justice Naor suddenly feels compelled to inspect the political affiliation of the event’s speakers.

We call upon the Chief Justice to reconsider her position, and to send a message of impartiality, reconciliation, and unity. It is not too late to correct this misstep.