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Response comes after UNESCO vote denying Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, and after Regavim report on illegal UN activity in the Jerusalem Armon Hanatziv compound

JERUSALEM (May 3, 2017) The Regavim organization is calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to respond to the anti-Semitic declaration of UNESCO denying Israel’s historical and modern-day connection to Jerusalem, by evicting that organization from its Armon Hanatziv compound and return the property to the State of Israel – its rightful owners.

The UNESCO Executive Committee yesterday passed a resolution with 22 votes in favor, 10 opposed, with 23 abstentions indicating that Israel is the “occupying power” in Jerusalem, and has no legal or historical ties to the city.

If yesterday’s vote wasn’t reason enough to evict UNESCO or the UN entirely from Armon Hanatziv, last month Regavim filed a petition in the Jerusalem District Court against the UN, the Jerusalem Municipality, and the Israel Lands Authority following the revelation of extensive illegal construction and a land grab being carried out by the UN inside the compound run by UNTSO. The area was presented to the UN rent-free to oversee the cease-fire with Jordan following the 1967 Six-Day War.

The State responded to Regavim’s petition asking the court to postpone their decision on the accusations, so that the Foreign Ministry could garner UN approval to allow their representatives to tour the compound to investigate the matter.

Regavim has documented the construction of illegal office buildings and storage facilities in the compound in addition to work being carried out illegally on a historic building. Other violations included the operation of an illegal petrol station on site, and the seizure of other lands for usage outside of their allotted area.

UNESCO’s vote drew much ire from Israeli politicians across the political spectrum. That being said, Regavim feels that instead of just words – action should be taken by the government by informing the United Nations that Israel will reclaim the Armon Hanatziv compound, since it is the rightful titleholder of the complex.

A Regavim spokesman added yesterday: “There is no day more suitable than the Day of Independence to announce the removal of the anti-Semitic organization from the Armon HaNatziv compound which belongs to the State of Israel. The UN has forgotten that it is in Jerusalem as a guest of the State, and is utilizing property of the state. Once the tenant starts behaving like the landlord, it’s a sign that it’s time to find another tenant. That’s what true independence looks,” he said.


Illegal UN offices in the compound

Work being carried out illegally on an historic building

The red-lines indicate areas where the UN was allotted usage. The yellow lines indicate the areas currently illegally in use.  The map also indicates two illegal buildings and an illegal gas station on the site.