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Public Works Department Paves the Way to Illegal Quarries

PWD works carried out in recent weeks on the access roads Meitzad and Pnei Kedem communities are not exactly paving the right roads.

Our field staff noticed that the contractor that is doing the road paving took all the excess asphalt and paved a road connecting Wadi Sair, and the beit fajr quarries.  These are the illegal quarries that the arabs are making and it is severely hurting the environment.

Last week we sent an urgent letter to the Minister of Transport Israel Katz and the CEO of the National Roads Company, which stated that the construction of the road is a flagrant violation of the law and impedes the enforcement efforts against the quarry and all in all, creates an escape route for the criminals.

IMG-20160608-WA0010 Road Asphalt Quarry

What we have here is the breaking of the law being carried out by a public authority.

We demanded from Katz and from the National Roads Company to immediately stop the illegal work.  However in spite of this, the National Roads Company did not see the need to take responsibility for the matter and notes that it is not responsible for the actions of the contractor and claims that  the remaining construction material may remain in his possession. The NRC also says that it has no jurisdiction in the areas of Judea and Samaria.

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