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Preserving the Eternal

Real-time scrambling of inspectors helps catch archaeology thieves in the act –  The corona crisis has resulted in a surge in antiquities theft. Inspectors have been furloughed and field operations curtailed, so “Preserving the Eternal” volunteers took to the outdoors to observe and report, through us, alerting inspectors in the Civil Administration’s Archaeology Unit in real time to criminal activity. As a result of our alert about large-scale illegal construction at the ancient city of Sebastia (Shomron), an enforcement sweep was carried out. Our real-time reports led to the capture of a number of groups of antiquities thieves at Khirbet Alamit (Almon) and Khirbet Jaba’it.

Field tours – In the past months we conducted a series of field tours focused on the issue of heritage and archaeological sites in Judea and Samaria. Among the VIPs who participated in these tours was  Minister of Heritage Rafi Peretz. On a tour with The Christian Embassy, conducted in cooperation with Samaria Regional Council and Yossi Dagan, we visited Joshua’s Altar at Mount Ebal, Mount Kabir and Tel Aromah