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Playing Games with Our Children’s Safety

How would you react to an illegal, unlicensed amusement park – with no oversight or insurance?

Playgrounds, public parks, and amusement attractions in Israel are required to be licensed and to submit to periodic safety inspections in order to prevent injury, or worse. But in Kfar Nahaf, a village in the north of Israel, the law is completely disregarded – as our Regavim’s repeated demands for enforcement!

Almost half a year has passed since “Park HaGalil,” an amusement compound located between Carmiel and Nahaf, opened for business – complete with amusement attractions and a restaurant. The compound, whose target customer base is children and their families, stands on land zoned for agricultural use – not commercial use – and is operating without a commercial license or insurance. In addition to the flagrant disregard for the law Regavim battles each and every day, “Park HaGalil” presents an additional problem because it is uninsured. Many of the well-meaning parents who bring their children to the park are unaware that the park’s attractions have never been tested for safety, and that the park as a whole is illegal and unlicensed.

Regavim alerted the head of the local Planning and Building Committee, Sami Assad, six months ago. At the same time, we turned to Omar Ismail, head of the Kfar Nahaf Local Authority. We demanded immediate oversight and law enforcement at the dangerous new compound. Neither of them responded; as a result, Regavim has initiated legal proceedings against them.

As always, we will continue to post updates as they become available.