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Pesach Newsletter – Standing with the Farmers

Alongside the concern with general land policy, we were called upon this year to stand up for the “great people”, the idealistic, pioneering farmers who cling to the land of Israel and suffer the persecutions of the radical left-wing organizations and the justice system.

Regavim employed a full-time attorney this year to conduct the legal battles on behalf of the farmers. If the farmers had to bear the heavy costs of the legal proceedings by themselves, this financial burden would have caused them such losses that they would have had to give up.

Assaf planted a vineyard at a cost of hundreds of thousands of shekels in the Shiloh Valley region. For over a year because of a complaint filed by Palestinians and radical left-wing organizations, legal proceedings were conducted behind his back and without his knowledge, proceedings aimed at removing him from his land. For months a proceeding went on in the High Court of Justice which even included the state’s guarantee to uproot his vineyard without his being added to the proceedings and without a single one of the justices or attorneys even thinking of giving a hearing to the person they planned to throw off his land.

One morning large forces of army and police came to the site to uproot the vineyard. An urgent appeal to the court prevented the action in real time, and finally gave an opportunity to Assaf to voice his side of the story to the head of the Civil Administration and the military appeals committee.

We have been helping Assaf over the past year and represent him in every legal proceeding in order to safeguard his rights and to ensure that he will be able to continue to cultivate his vineyard.

The amazing work of the farmers

 Assaf: “Without Regavim coming to my aid, my vineyard would already have been torn up, the land handed over to Palestinians and all that I invested would have gone down the drain”.