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Pesach newsletter – Northern update

This year we expanded our activity in the Golan and Galilee regions and for that purpose added a full-time attorney.

Most of the activity in northern Israel is involved with environmental protection and that is because the region is rich in natural reserves and valuable historical sites.

We have already filed several petitions this year against the ecological damage to the Nahal Sa’ar Nature reserve, the Nebi Hazuri site in the Hermon and the Hermon Reserve itself.

Illegal house built in Hermon Nature reserve

One of the most difficult problems in the north is the Police capitulation to and fear of violence. For this reason almost no demolitions of illegal buildings are carried out and many laws are not enforced.

The capitulation of the Police reaches a point of absurdity in the case of Ilan Mills.

Mills, a resident of Neve Ativ and a farmer at heart, for years has been promoting a plan to establish a farmer’s market in the parking lot of Sayeret Egoz near his home. After successfully navigating the “seven departments of bureaucratic hell” in the Planning and Building Commission and finally receiving the much-awaited permit, the Druze residents of Ein Kinya suddenly decided that they oppose the plan and when Ilan began to pour the foundations for the structure, violent rioting broke out.

The powerful Israel Police department submitted to the violence and forbade Ilan from returning to the land to build, for fear of disturbing public order…

The judges at the High Court of Justice could only express their astonishment at the petition filed by Regavim ,  that instead of securing the construction work, the police gave in to violence and prevented the work from being carried out. This led the police to rethink its position and to allow Ilan to continue building the project.  But a series of pressures, intimidations, and threats against Ilan ultimately led him to abandon his dream. Today the site is held by the very Druze who forced the law-abiding Jew off it, through violence.

This is how the rule of law looks like in the north of Israel and with G-d’s help, we will try to deal with this in the coming year.