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Newsletter Archive

Mid September Newsletter – Today’s news from the Negev you just won’t believe!!

I was putting the final touches on an article on the situation in the Negev, specifically about the illegal building in and around Bir Hadaj, when this news came in!! Read more….

September Newsletter – Tower and Stockade settlements v2.0

In the middle of the Arab uprising of 1936, the Jewish settlement of Kfar Hittim in the Gallil was established, on 2000 dunam of land which the Jewish National Fund had purchased in 1905. David Ben Gurion, who was then the head of the Jewish Yishuv, gave his tacit approval, as long as it could be completed in one day, and the plan was carried out. Read more…

August Newsletter -Who decides when it is a law enforcement issue or not?

Why even the question, shouldn’t the courts be blind? Today in the Jerusalem Post 2 op-eds on the issue of law enforcement were run. One of them I wrote. Illegal Arab building defies Supreme Court ruling. The second article Sussiya demolition orders not simply law enforcement issue was written by B’tselem, supposedly a “human rights” organization. Read more…

July Newsletter -Is government and Supreme Court inaction poisoning our children?

Illegal and unregulated production of charcoal, in some cases on government land, is causing severe health consequences for our children. It is illegal due to the fact that the businesses are not registered and take place on land zoned for agriculture. Most disturbing is that the government and the Supreme Court don’t seem to care. Read more..

Mid June Newsletter: Jerusalem Post article

Al-Zarnog and Beit El: A tale of two settlements

The State of Israel is a country with one justice system and set of laws for Jews and Arabs alike. Or is it? Read more….


This week we are going to look at issues of ongoing illegalities and how it affects the IDF. Channel 2 news ran this unbelievable exposé based on Regavim’s findings. Read more….

May Update – Regavim Stands Tall.

Well it has been an exciting few days here in Israel. For Regavim, together with the Land and People of Israel, it looks like, due to a lot of well directed effort, the tide is turning in our favor. It seems the other side is starting to understand they cannot get away with blatant illegal behaviour and then outright lies to cover up the true facts even with the millions of dollars in funding they receive from the New Israel Fund, European Union, Ford Foundation etc. Read more…

Victory for Regavim in the International Court of Justice

In the political arena this month, Regavim merited a considerable success when the International Criminal Court in the Hague rejected the complaint of the Palestinian Authority against Israel, with respect to its actions during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Read more…