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Legal Division

The Kfar Qasem Case – See above for details. The petition, submitted in late June 2020, is scheduled for its first hearing in August.

The Abu Basma Case – Recently we submitted an addendum petition to a case we first submitted nearly a decade ago, against 63 illegal structures that were built in the Neveh Midbar and Al Kassum Municipalities. At the time, the  Supreme Court ordered the municipalities to enforce the law, but the structures remain precisely as they were, and the municipalities continue to pass the responsibility for enforcement from one to the other.

The Nahlin Case – “The Race of the Century “ – The village of Nahlin is situated in a strategic spot in Gush Etzion, near the Jewish communities of Rosh Tzurim, Gvaot and Neveh Daniel. In recent months, the Palestinian Authority, aided by the World Bank, began to steamroll new roads and to build new structures in a new “neighborhood” outside the borders of the village on land that is designated as Area C. This activity has accelerated significantly since the announcement of the Trump Plan, as the project aims to seize land slated for inclusion in Israeli sovereignty. We monitored the area closely and reported on developments at the site over the course of months, but our complaints to the Civil Administration were fruitless. We petitioned the District Court to order the Civil Administration to demolish the structures and to prevent the creation of the illegal neighborhood.

Media coverage:

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The Peduel Case – In the village of A-Dik, near the Jewish community of Peduel, large-scale construction is now underway on a ridge that juts outs of the village and extends deep into Area C. The first stage of this project was the creation of roads, which served as the blueprint for the construction of more and more buildings. When we understood that the Civil Administration was not taking the necessary action to block further construction, we submitted a petition to the District Court, demanding that the Civil Administration be required to take action and to stop the land-grab. The court issued an interim injunction prohibiting construction at the site.

The Beit Fajar Quarry – Illegal stone quarries are unfortunately a ver common phenomenon in Judea and Samaria, where they are destroying the landscape and causing virtually irreversible environmental damage. Because there is no law enforcement against these quarries, the perpetrators of this ecological crime make astronomical profits from the unregulated and unsupervised quarrying of raw materials, without a moment’s thought for minimizing the environmental impact. Nearly ten years we petitioned the Supreme Court to shut down a gigantic quarry near what was once a mountain adjacent to the village of Beit Fajar in eastern Gush Etzion. The quarry had expanded operations onto registered state land, but the court denied our petition on the basis of the Civil Administration’s commitment to enforce the law at the site. In the decade that has elapsed, the quarry has not only continued to operate (and turn a handsome profit), it has greatly expanded its operations. This ongoing free-for-all led to our latest petition, in which we turned to the court to determine why the state has allowed this shocking deterioration to continue, and why it has failed to act – despite its commitment to enforce the law.