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Law and Order: SUCCESS!
Illegal land-seizure in the Gedera area

Law and Order: SUCCESS!

We are Pleased and Proud to Announce Success!

Yesterday’s headlines ( http://bit.ly/2sutT0q) brought the public some encouraging news: Indictments will be handed down in the case of the illegal Bedouin outposts near the Tel Nof Air Force Base.

For many months, Regavim documented, researched, double-checked (see, for example, our “hidden camera” expose’ http://bit.ly/2Jgaxmi ) – and only then, reported and submitted evidence that proved beyond any doubt that the “developments” in the Gedera-Rehovot area were outright criminality: Illegal land seizure, illegal construction, tax evasion, and more.
We will continue to monitor law enforcement in the area in order to increase the pressure and deterrence – and we won’t let up until this phenomenon is eradicated!