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Report on the Illegal EU building the Adumim Region

Regavim has released its latest report into the illegal EU building in the Adumim Region.
The survey conducted by Regavim reveals that the EU illegally financed, within the Adumim area, between 2012-2014, the establishment of more than 400 structures. Among them, Regavim identified 181 residential structures and in addition, 232 service structures (located separately from the residential structures). In other words, most of the structures set up in this period, in violation of the law, were the result of direct EU action.
On each and every one of these residential structures the EU affix’s with pride, the flag of the EU. Next to these residential structures, one can see service structures, bathrooms and water tanks, and even these bear the symbols of the EU.
See the report here:

See here also the letter to the European Parliament by MEP James Carver listing EU violations of their own treaty.


Collage of EU building

Illegally built by the EU. Attaching their flag to give “diplomatic immunity”

New outposts

A new outpost is born, protected by the EU!

Illegal work in nature reserves

Environmental damage done to a Nature Reserve by the EU

Map: Bedouin Relocation: Threat of Displacement in the Jerusalem

Map of the effected area

Mitzpe Jericho 1999

Aerial Photo 1999 showing one tent

Mitzpe Jericho 2013

14 years later & 15 illegal structures built by the EU.




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