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Illegal building Mt. Meron Nature Reserve

10's of houses are being built illegally  in the beautiful Mt. Meron Nature Reserve and only Regavim is fighting to have this phenomena halted

Mt. Meron National Park Building: 

Illegal construction offenders are involved in widespread building and development as they destroy the Mount Meron Nature Reserve in the upper Galilee – all without permits or authorization.

The Regavim coordinator for the north was amazed to discover, during a routine tour, that widespread building and development are being carried out on state land in the Mount Meron Nature Reserve without construction permits and against the law. The construction and development includes building luxury homes, paving roads, land and infrastructure preparation that will continue the widespread damage to the natural forest within the nature preserve.

As if this were not enough, the construction offenders have no mercy on the vegetation of the reserve, and they allow their flocks to graze there, thereby causing serious and irreversible harm to the natural foliage.

Despite the serious violation of the law, the law enforcement authorities in the area have not done a thing, and practically speaking, they have made it possible for the offenders to treat the reserve as if it were their own property.

Upon discovery of these serious findings, the legal advisor of Regavim contacted the relevant authorities and demanded that they exert their legal authority and take steps towards inspection and enforcement, including issuing demolition orders and carrying them out immediately, as well as issuing warrants against everyone involved in construction and development that is destroying the nature reserve.