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Field Division

Some of the case-files opened over the past quarter:

The Michmas Crossing Garbage Dump – We recently discovered that a quarry operating near the Michmas Crossing, adjacent to Route 60, is being used as an illegal garbage dump. We released a video clip to the media, showing the mountain of untreated waste. Adding insult (and environmental damage) to injury, the dumpers set the garbage on fire, and the thick smoke blanketed the entire area. We are pressuring the Civil Administration to stop the dumping and the environmental destruction it is causing, and to clean up this dump site – as well as the many other sites like it that are scarring the landscape and polluting the soil, air and water throughout Judea and Samaria

Dorot Ilit – Between Kiryat Netafim, Maaleh Shomron and Etz Efraim is a tract of land that is partially state-owned and partially privately owned by Jews. The land is slated for the construction of a new city, named Dorot Ilit. In recent weeks, our field coordinators noticed that the area was very busy with construction an heavy machinery, working day in and day out. Unfortunately, the work isn’t part of Dorot Ilit’s development; it’s illegal Arab construction aimed at blocking the creation of this new Jewish community. In a number of instances, we acted quickly to alert the authorities to illegal work in real time, and heavy machinery was impounded. At the same time, we complained to the Civil Administration and demanded that they stop the illegal Arab construction at the site and protect the property that has been earmarked for Dorot Ilit.

Monitoring tax collection in Bedouin municipalities – In the context of our petition on this matter, submitted in 2014 and concluded recently, the High Court of Justice upheld our demand that the Bedouin municipalities of the Negev begin to charge and collect municipal taxes from residents and business owners, pursuant to a of all properties in their jurisdiction. When these municipalities failed to present to us the requisite survey data, we submitted a Freedom of Information petition to the District Court. The data was eventually handed over to us and we were awarded expenses and legal costs. We then demanded that the Al Kasum Municipality issue an assessment notice to all businesses in their jurisdiction, as a preliminary step before we submit a new petition in this smatter.