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Field Division – Successes

The Battle for Area C – In recent months, we’ve worked with the field coordinators of the Regional Councils  and IDF Division Commanders in Judea and Samaria to improve response capabilities in dealing with illegal Palestinian field projects. Now, each report by a field worker or any other concerned citizen regarding sightings of illegal activity is acted upon swiftly and decisively by the IDF, and generally results in impounding of the equipment used to carry out the illegal work. Our most important tool in this project is a regional WhatsApp group, in which we participate alongside the filed coordinators appointed by each of the municipalities, volunteers and a variety of enforcement bodies. The real-time communication enables us to scramble forces immediately, block the illegal activity, and confiscate tools and equipment.

Khan al Ahmar 2 – One of our most high-profile cases, Khan al Ahmar needs no introduction – but adjacent to this illegal outpost in the E1 area there is another illegal encampment, right outside the windows of the homes of Kfar Adumim and Nofei Prat on land designated for an access road to these veteran communities. Our activity in this case led the Civil Administration to act, and illegal structures  at the site were demolished. We will continue to pursue this case until the outpost is removed completely.

Al Zarnog – Over the Passover holiday we identified a number of new illegal structures built on land privately owned by clients we are representing in a petition to remove squatters rom their property. After we presented our information to the National Enforcement Unit; demolition orders were served and the structures were torn down. We will continue to monitor this area closely.

Al Hiran Agreement – On April 2nd, we received the text of the Al Hiran Agreement between the government and the Bedouin residents of this illegal Negev encampment. These terms of the agreement are extremely generous, precedent-setting terms intended to facilitate their relocation into the legal township of Hura. The Bedouin Authority continued to deny the existence of the agreement, forcing us to turn to the Ministry of Justice and the Freedom of Information Officer. The agreements were eventually handed over to us, and we believe that the publication of the terms of these agreements will preclude manipulation and extortion of even more extortive terms in future negotiations.

Enforcement at the Mikhmas Crossing Dump –  As a result of the pressure we exerted on the Civil Administration, through official correspondence and media exposure, extensive enforcement activity was carried out, and the Civil Administration gave their commitment to shut the site down. We will continue to monitor developments at the site, to insure that the dumping is stopped completely  and the mountain of garbage is removed.

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