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EU involvement in Illegal Building in Area C – Position Paper

Over many years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has benefited from the virtually unqualified support of the European Union.  In recent years, European support has moved from passive diplomatic and financial assistance to a situation of active cooperation in illegal building which the Palestinian Authority has been advancing unilaterally since 2009, as part of its strategic plan to create a Palestinian state de facto, while avoiding the need for negotiations with Israel.

One of the central goals of this plan is the development of building initiatives specifically in Area C, (which is defined by the Oslo Accords as under full Israeli control) with the intent of chipping away at this area bit by bit, and thus creating a strip of territory between the area of Hebron, Samaria, and Jericho. This strip would endanger the security of the State of Israel and its ability to defend itself within defensible borders.

This position paper is the product of meticulous research, documentation and mapping of hundreds of residential structures which the European Union has built in a series of outposts in the Adumim area—the eastern corridor leading to Jerusalem from the Jordan Valley. In addition, it demonstrates clearly the purposeful change in the conduct of the European Union, as appears in their official documents, and analyses the significance of these illegal initiatives in the area.

Between the lines, the hypocrisy of the European Union is exposed, blaming Israel for taking unilateral steps, whilst simultaneously being directly, deeply and heavily involved in illegal and unilateral activity to the benefit of the Palestinian Authority.

New outposts

A new outpost is born, protected by the EU

Collage of EU building

Illegally built by the EU. Attaching their flag to give “diplomatic immunity”

Illegal work in nature reserves

Environmental damage done to a Nature Reserve by the EU

Map: Bedouin Relocation: Threat of Displacement in the Jerusalem

Map of the effected area

Mitzpe Jericho 1999

Aerial Photo 1999 showing one tent

Mitzpe Jericho 2013

14 years later & 15 illegal structures built by the EU.

Click on the image below to read the Report on the Involvement of the European Union in Illegal Building:

EU report Front Cover

Download the report by clicking on this image

See here also the letter to the European Parliament by MEP James Carver listing EU violations of their own treaty.