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Ein al Hilweh and Umm Jamal: Facts on the Ground

Regavim welcomes the new, even-handed  application of “delimitation orders” by the Civil Administration. For nearly 15 years, these orders were used exclusively against Jewish settlers – until two years ago, when Regavim’s petition to the High Court against this discriminatory, racist application of the law led to its amendment.

Recently, the Civil Administration issued a delimitation order for Ein al Hilweh and Umm Jamal, two illegal Bedouin encampments in the Jordan Valley that are obstructing a major intersection, encroaching on an IDF firing zone, and endangering the lives of everyone in the area.  At last, the State of Israel has begun to use the legal means at its disposal to halt the illegal Bedouin encroachment on  State land that is orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority and supported by the European Union.

In an op-ed piece published in the Jerusalem Post, Regavim’s Meir Deutsch clarifies the facts on the ground: