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Regavim in the Media

Supreme Court Allows Muslims to Build Mosque on Temple Mount

“Israel’s Supreme Court has rejected a petition by the Regavim movement to prevent the construction of a mosque at the Gate of Mercy on the Temple Mount. The court claimed that they “don’t get involved” in these types of disputes unless it is regarding “extreme circumstances.” Read more HERE at Breaking Israel News. Read More »

Defense Minister Appoints Administrator to Spearhead Campaign to Combat Illegal Arab Construction in Area C

“Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday appointed Kobi Eliraz to head Israel’s campaign against illegal Arab construction in Area C in Judea and Samaria and head off the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) efforts to claim it. The appointment came a day after Bennett launched the campaign to reclaim land in Judea and Samaria that is under full Israeli control, which is being ... Read More »

2019 saw spike in Palestinian home demolitions by Israel

“The 2019 calendar year saw a spike in demolitions of Palestinian-owned structures and homes by Israeli security forces, according to figures released Tuesday by an Israeli rights group…the number of illegally built structures by Palestinians in Area C doubled in the past decade to over 60,000, according to figures from Regavim, a group that monitors illegal Palestinian construction.” Read more ... Read More »

Gafni, Tibi, working together to freeze the ‘Kamintz Law’

“Caving to pressure from the Arab MKs, Finance Committee Chairman MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) will hold a discussion Monday morning regarding freezing the “Kaminitz Law.” The Kaminitz Law is the term for the amendments to the Planning and Building Law in 2017, which was formulated following extensive administrative work by a staff headed by Deputy Attorney General (Civil), Adv. Erez ... Read More »

United Arab List’s Celebration of the Repeal of the Kaminetz Law is Fake News

This morning (Wednesday), the Knesset Arrangements Committee assigned hearings on enforcement of the ‘Kaminetz Law’ to the Finance Committee. MKs from the United Arab List immediately launched a flurry of tweets framing the decision as a step toward the successful repeal of the law. MK Osama Saadi of the United Arab List claimed that in last Wednesday’s hearing on the ... Read More »

Midnight Drama in the Knesset’s Twilight Hours: Last ditch effort staved off an attempt by the United Arab List to repeal the “Kaminetz Law”

As the Knesset was about to vote to disband and set a mutually-acceptable date for yet another round of national elections, MK Ahmed Tibi dug in his heels, demanding the inclusion of a rider clause repealing the ‘Kaminetz Law.” Thanks to the vigilance of a small group of MKs, Tibi’s late-night strong-arm ploy was headed off. Regavim: “Repealing the law ... Read More »