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Q2 – 2020 Update

Developments in Ongoing Cases

Bir Hadaj – In May, the High Court of Justice heard the petition we submitted on behalf of private landowners whose rights we have been defending in this matter for over a decade. We are seeking the removal of hundreds of Bedouin families who are squatting on this private property. The hearing was concluded with a court instruction to the ... Read More »

The “History Awaits” Campaign

We recently concluded a major campaign focused on the Trump plan and the sovereignty issue. The campaign succeeded in generating widespread public interest and discussion, in Israel and abroad. Our messages, which appeared on billboards, buses, internet sites and in the media, illustrated the historic choice facing Prime Minister Netanyahu by presenting prominent figures who played pivotal roles in Israel’s ... Read More »

Legal Division

The Kfar Qasem Case – See above for details. The petition, submitted in late June 2020, is scheduled for its first hearing in August. The Abu Basma Case – Recently we submitted an addendum petition to a case we first submitted nearly a decade ago, against 63 illegal structures that were built in the Neveh Midbar and Al Kassum Municipalities. ... Read More »

Planning and Construction Committees Monitor

Objection to the creation of a new settlement – under the guise of a new neighborhood – Our Planning and Construction Committee Monitor discovered that the Southern Region Planning Authority has been actively working toward creating a new Bedouin community, called Bir al Hamam – but misrepresenting it as a new section of Tel Sheva in order to circumvent the ... Read More »

Field Division – Successes

The Battle for Area C – In recent months, we’ve worked with the field coordinators of the Regional Councils  and IDF Division Commanders in Judea and Samaria to improve response capabilities in dealing with illegal Palestinian field projects. Now, each report by a field worker or any other concerned citizen regarding sightings of illegal activity is acted upon swiftly and ... Read More »

Field Division

Some of the case-files opened over the past quarter: The Michmas Crossing Garbage Dump – We recently discovered that a quarry operating near the Michmas Crossing, adjacent to Route 60, is being used as an illegal garbage dump. We released a video clip to the media, showing the mountain of untreated waste. Adding insult (and environmental damage) to injury, the ... Read More »

Preserving the Eternal

Real-time scrambling of inspectors helps catch archaeology thieves in the act –  The corona crisis has resulted in a surge in antiquities theft. Inspectors have been furloughed and field operations curtailed, so “Preserving the Eternal” volunteers took to the outdoors to observe and report, through us, alerting inspectors in the Civil Administration’s Archaeology Unit in real time to criminal activity. ... Read More »

Policy and Parliamentary Affairs Division

Re-activation of the Knesset Land of Israel Lobby – After more than a year of disrupted parliamentary activity, the Knesset ‘Land of Israel Lobby,’ was reconvened. This important forum, which we take a major role in administering, is headed by MKs Haim Katz and Betzalel Smotrich, and will renew parliamentary activity on matters pertaining to settlement and sovereignty, and will ... Read More »

International Division

In the past three months, despite the coronavirus restrictions on travel and group gatherings, the International Division held  key meetings with members of the US Embassy’s Political Division, and held an extensive briefing for the Human Rights Division. We conducted two webinars: One for young Zionist activists in the San Francisco Bay area, and another for the members of Americans ... Read More »

New Media

 In this quarter, our Hebrew and English Facebook pages posted dozens of items, covering our work out in the field and in the courthouse. We highlighted coverage of our activities on television and in the press, and shared video clips from the field and the studio. More than 2 million exposures were recorded, and over 1 million unique viewers saw ... Read More »