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Pesach newsletter – Northern update

This year we expanded our activity in the Golan and Galilee regions and for that purpose added a full-time attorney. Most of the activity in northern Israel is involved with environmental protection and that is because the region is rich in natural reserves and valuable historical sites. We have already filed several petitions this year against the ecological damage to ... Read More »

Pesach Newsletter – Negev Update

The key sentence for our work in the Negev is “to bring the State back to the Negev”. We believe that sovereignty is not a theoretical matter and if it is not enforced – it doesn’t exist. Consequently, we believe that the key to changing the situation in the Negev and to solving the conflict with the Bedouin population lies ... Read More »

Government Bedouin land plan deemed impossible

  Scheme to recognize tribal ownership of large Negev tracts includes sites that are home to army bases and security facilities Times of Israel  – February 7, 2013 By STUART WINER   A recently approved plan to transfer ownership of large tracts of land in the Negev to Bedouin ownership includes areas that are being used for army bases, national infrastructure installations and ... Read More »

Fundamentally Freund: A farewell to the Negev?

  By MICHAEL FREUND 30/01/2013  Under no circumstances should tens of thousands of dunams of publicly-owned land be turned over to private individuals simply because they assert it is theirs without proof to substantiate their claims. Regavim, an independent research institute which has been among the few to raise the alarm over the future of the Negev, appealed to the ... Read More »

November Newsletter – AFSI joins Regavim on Negev field trip

For over 16 years, AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) has led semi-annual Chizuk (strength) missions to Israel concentrating on the threatened areas of the country. Last week the 30 plus people on the November mission, led by Helen Freedman, wanted to understand better what was going on in the Negev. I was priviledged to be able to present to ... Read More »

November Newsletter – Supreme Court Ruling – Regavim defeats air pollution

After 3 years of fighting on behalf of the residents in the Northern Sharon/Shomron region to have illegal highly polluting charcoal kilns closed down, the Supreme Court last week ruled in Regavim's favor and ordered the Civil Administration to enforce the law and have them shut down. Outside the Supreme Court building a protest was held by residents of Pardes ... Read More »

November Newsletter – Negev – Bir Hadaj residents burn barn @ Kibbutz Revivim

Bir Hadaj residents angered by Israeli law enforcement efforts to stop their illegal building go on a rampage and burn down the neighbouring kibbutz barn. Estimated damage $500,000. Monday morning, 12th November 2012, Israel Land Authority inspectors, covered by a large force of police tried to enter Bir Hadaj to give out demolition orders on illegal building. It seems at ... Read More »

Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive Mid September Newsletter – Today’s news from the Negev you just won’t believe!! I was putting the final touches on an article on the situation in the Negev, specifically about the illegal building in and around Bir Hadaj, when this news came in!! Read more…. September Newsletter – Tower and Stockade settlements v2.0 In the middle of the ... Read More »