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Sussiya and Khan al Akhmar: Truth and Lies

A Day of Reckoning for the Anti-Israel Left Arik Ascherman’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post, in which he reported on his “testimony” before a US Senate briefing convened by the Rebuilding Alliance, is a pristine example of selective reporting and purposeful omission. In a manipulative misuse of the emotive words of our liturgy, Ascherman implied that the Government of ... Read More »

Who’s Robbing Us of Our Legacy?

We are blessed and privileged to live in a country whose earth covers the physical remains of thousands of years of history. Apparently, grave robbers and antiquities bandits aren’t all that interested in the story behind the artifacts; their only interest is cash, and in pursuit of an easy payday they don’t care if they destroy the physical record of ... Read More »

Jerusalem Post Tours the Negev By Air with Regavim

The The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com‘s op-ed editor, columnist, and reporter Seth J. Frantzman wrote in detail about his experience visiting the Negev by land and by air with Regavim. Included in the post is the video below, which he put together from his seat on a small plane above the Be’er Sheva area, where he saw firsthand the expansive illegal building in ... Read More »

Explaining Why Order is Needed in the Negev (audio)

Listen to a radio interview on the Land of Israel Radio Network with Regavim’s Meir Deutsch on the organization’s new policy paper and campaign on the need for Israel to restore law and order in the Negev when it comes to Bedouin settlement. Click here to LISTEN Read More »


Regavim’s Josh Hasten writes in the Jerusalem Post about the continuing Palestinian Authority/European Union plan to establish facts on the ground in order to try and take over strategic corridors of Area ‘C’ and create a de facto Palestinian State on the ground. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE OP-ED   Read More »

Regavim – protecting the environment – against PA water pollution

Regavim isn’t just about reporting illegal building. We are extremely pro-active in protecting Israel’s environment for future generations. The video below (made for a conference Regavim  on Thursday Jan. 12, 2017 at Tel Aviv University) highlights natural streams throughout Judea and Samaria, and elsewhere, which have been severely polluted by those living under the Palestinian Authority. The pictures of sewage, ... Read More »

Facts ignored – the invention of a village

      Published Jerusalem Post 22nd. July 2015 On July 16, the daily press briefing of the State Department astonished legal circles in Israel. In response to the second question, preceded only by an inquiry on the Iran agreement from which Israel is still reeling, State Department Spokesperson, John Kirby responded, with a prepared statement, pressuring Israel not to ... Read More »

Beware Ottoman Land Law

    31st. July, 2015 According to Arab claimants, the area of Susiya, which includes an ancient Jewish village that was built about 1,600 years ago, and perhaps as early as the late Second Temple period, is “private Palestinian land” owned by Arabs who started illegally building in the area about two decades ago and have been squatting there ever ... Read More »