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Articles in the Press

Reported Bedouin land grab exposed

Reported Bedouin land grab exposed October 23, 2012 – Atara Beck – Israel Correspondent, Jewish Tribune http://www.jewishtribune.ca/news/2012/10/23/reported-bedouin-land-grab-exposed At a recent event at the Menachem Begin Heritage Centre hosted by Regavim, an NGO that launched an “emergency campaign to save the Negev” from alleged Bedouin land theft, Professor Raphael Israeli of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said that he blames subsequent ... Read More »

UK family claims ownership of Negev village

  UK family claims ownership of Negev village By Ilene Prusher Jerusalem Post  28th September, 2012   Regavim group seeks to force state to stop building on land near Beersheba and relocate 7,000 residents of Beduin village.   Mark Ismailoff, who moved to Israel from the UK in 1979, lives in Jerusalem. But his sights are on the Negev, where ... Read More »

Stop the silent surrender of the Negev

  When Israel realized that it could no longer ignore the massive spread of illegal Bedouin settlement in the Negev, it developed generous programs to regularize the situation. In 2007, it established the Goldberg Commission, headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Goldberg. Following the publication of its recommendations, the Chairman of the Policy Planning Division of the Prime Minister’s ... Read More »

Illegal Arab building defies Supreme Court ruling

  Jerusalem Post – 27th August, 2012 The illegal “building intifada” being waged by the Palestinian Authority  on state lands in Area C of Judea and Samaria, (the West Bank), has become the latest battleground for the radical left in conjunction with  foreign-funded Israeli so called “human rights” NGO’s such as B’tselem and Bimkom,  Such unlawful land theft is being ... Read More »

Is Government and Supreme Court inaction poisoning our children?

  Jerusalem Post – 15th July 2012   By ARI BRIGGS   Illegal and unregulated production of charcoal, illegal due to the fact that the businesses are not registered and take place on land zoned for agriculture or in some cases on government land, is causing sever health consequences for our children. Most disturbing is that the government and the ... Read More »

Al-Zarnoog and Bet El- A Tale of two settlements

  Jerusalem Post – In the beginning of the twentieth century, a group of Zionist Jews acquired a parcel of land measuring around 160 acres (65 hectares) in the Negev, in the area of Moshav Nabatim, between Beersheba and Dimona. It was registered in the names of the purchasers in the Land Registry of the British Mandate, and after the establishment ... Read More »

Tower & Stockade Settlements – Version 2.0

Jerusalem Post 6th September, 2012 In the middle of the Arab uprising of 1936, the Jewish settlement of Kfar Hittim in the Gallil was established, on 2000 dunam of land which the Jewish National Fund had purchased in 1905. David Ben Gurion, who was then the head of the Jewish Yishuv, gave his tacit approval, as long as it could ... Read More »