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Articles in the Press

Et tu, EU? No Dutch Treat here

Jerusalem Post    Ari Briggs  21st. May, 2013   Recently the EU formally recommended that its 27 member states “prevent” Israeli activity in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, and East, Jerusalem, by means of discriminatory labeling of Israeli products from these areas– in effect, an economic boycott of Jewish communities in those regions. This recommendation is clearly immoral, on at ... Read More »

Changing the rules of the drug-smuggling game

Jerusalem Post By Ben Hartman 30th May, 2013 The Egyptian border fence has made it more difficult for traffickers in Israel's south, at the same time making them potentially more violent. Early Monday morning on Highway 40 near the Ramon Crater, Beduin smugglers in a truck drive north, playing lookout for traffickers in a white pickup trailing behind, loaded with ... Read More »

Desert divisions

  Jerusalem Post By Ariel Ben Solomon, 16th May, 2013 A heated debate can be expected when Knesset reads draft law on the explosive issue of regulating Beduin settlement in the Negev.         In the beginning of May, the Ministerial Committee on Legislation reviewed a draft law known as the Prawer-Begin plan, for regulating Beduin settlement in ... Read More »

He came, he saw, he posted – now he’s branded a racist

By Ari Briggs – Jerusalem Post May 5th, 2013  Last Thursday TV personality Avri Gilad went on a trip to the Northern Negev with Regavim – an independent, professional research institute & policy planning think tank involved in protecting Israel’s National Lands. So disturbed by what he saw on that trip, he returned and immediately penned the following post on Facebook “I ... Read More »

Government Bedouin land plan deemed impossible

  Scheme to recognize tribal ownership of large Negev tracts includes sites that are home to army bases and security facilities Times of Israel  – February 7, 2013 By STUART WINER   A recently approved plan to transfer ownership of large tracts of land in the Negev to Bedouin ownership includes areas that are being used for army bases, national infrastructure installations and ... Read More »

Fundamentally Freund: A farewell to the Negev?

  By MICHAEL FREUND 30/01/2013  Under no circumstances should tens of thousands of dunams of publicly-owned land be turned over to private individuals simply because they assert it is theirs without proof to substantiate their claims. Regavim, an independent research institute which has been among the few to raise the alarm over the future of the Negev, appealed to the ... Read More »

Suspicion: Bedouin Helped Hamas Pinpoint Negev Targets – INN – 27th Nov. 2012

  Video shows Bedouin thieves in ATVs driving freely among IDF tanks in Negev military zones.   By Gil Ronen Elements within the defense establishment suspect that Bedouin from the Negev relayed information to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense,according to Maariv. It is believed that the Bedouin roamed about in forbidden military zones and gave ... Read More »