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If the Mountain Won’t Come to Mohamed, Who Will?!

Don’t be alarmed by the attached photo; our account hasn’t been hacked. What you see is our most recent attempt to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles that stand in the way of our fight to defend the law and pursue justice. Recently, Israel’s High Court of Justice began requiring us to serve papers to the defendants in a number of lawsuits ... Read More »


“The High Court of Justice is not above the law.” Following Chief Justice Miriam Naor’s decision to prevent an official representative of the Judicial Branch from participating in an official State ceremony marking 50 years since the liberation of Judea and Samaria, scheduled for tomorrow evening in Gush Etzion, The Regavim Movement filed an emergency motion with the High Court ... Read More »

Palestinians trespass, farm on Jordan Valley minefields

As reported by Israel Hayom:  “Despite area being clearly marked as dangerous and entry prohibited, farmers are encouraged by left-wing activists to enter and farm there, says Regavim movement report • IDF deployed soldiers to stop incursions, but trespassers fled before they arrived.” The pressure must be enormous by anti-Israel NGO’s and the Palestinian Authority if Arab farmers are willing ... Read More »

Regavim – protecting the environment – against PA water pollution

Regavim isn’t just about reporting illegal building. We are extremely pro-active in protecting Israel’s environment for future generations. The video below (made for a conference Regavim  on Thursday Jan. 12, 2017 at Tel Aviv University) highlights natural streams throughout Judea and Samaria, and elsewhere, which have been severely polluted by those living under the Palestinian Authority. The pictures of sewage, ... Read More »


ANNOUNCEMENT COMES HOURS AFTER SEVEN MEMBERS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL PARLIMENTARY CAUCUS VISIT SUSSIYA AND CLASH WITH PALESTINIAN AGITATORS Regavim has pledged to keep-up the pressure on the Israeli government until the it upholds the Supreme Court rulings to demolish an illegal EU-funded squatter camp near Sussiya. The call comes one day after Israeli Knesset Members from the Land ... Read More »

State to Supreme Court: “Rawabi paved part of the road on private land”

The access route to the city of Rawabi was built partly on private land – and without the consent of the owner, according to the latest comments by the State prior to the hearing of a petition filed by Regavim. Following the discussion, the Court gave Rawabi six months to prove ownership of the land. Two years ago, Regavim appealed ... Read More »

I Became Ill With Respiratory Cancer – My Son Was Having Trouble Breathing

A resident of Mitzpe Ilan tearfully told the Interior Committee hearing about the smoke and charcoal pollution in the Northern Samaria. Representatives from Regavim responded to the Knesset members: You should know better, the legislation has been in the law books for a long time, the problem is the lack of enforcement. The smokestacks operating in the Northern Samaria have ... Read More »

The Big Bluff v2

The Big Bluff II 2013-5774 Ineffectiveness of the Law Enforcement Authorities in Judea and Samaria Follow-up Report Introduction In recent months the issue of the absence of law enforcement in Judea and Samaria has appeared once more on the public agenda. The state comptroller, retired Judge Yosef Shapira, even devoted a special chapter in the last State Comptroller’s Report[1] to ... Read More »

The Facts about the Arab encampment near Susiya

A historical village? Not really!    The claim that this is an Arab village which existed hundreds of years, or even decades, is completely false. According to travelers in the 19th century, and from surveys of villages and population conducted by the British mandatory powers in 1945, which mention all of the villages in the area and even some of the ... Read More »