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Playing Games with Our Children’s Safety

How would you react to an illegal, unlicensed amusement park – with no oversight or insurance? Playgrounds, public parks, and amusement attractions in Israel are required to be licensed and to submit to periodic safety inspections in order to prevent injury, or worse. But in Kfar Nahaf, a village in the north of Israel, the law is completely disregarded – ... Read More »

The Ram Pond: Vanishing Beauty

  The Ram Pond in the Golan Heights is a natural gem. This natural sweet-water lake was formed at the foot of Mount Hermon in one of Israel’s rare volcano craters. On the banks of the lake, palatial villas and guesthouses are being built illegally, and no one has done a thing about it. The ongoing saga of the Ram ... Read More »

Game Changing “Kaminitz Law” will help in battle against illegal building

Here is an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com by Regavim’s Josh Hasten on a new game changing law – known as the “Kaminitz Law,” which will allow local authorities to crack down on illegal building in Israel. This is especially relevant in northern Israel where according to Regavim’s research, in 95% of the Arab towns and villages in that area, ... Read More »

The story of a farmer -Yehuda Marmor

Since 1997 Yehuda has grazed 200 cattle in the Galil on 500 acres of land leased from the Israel Land Authority (ILA). 10 years ago people from the neighbouring village of Bir al Maksor started to tear down his fences and graze their flocks on his land. After 200 complaints to the Police, who dismissed them as not in the public interest, ... Read More »

Pesach newsletter – Northern update

This year we expanded our activity in the Golan and Galilee regions and for that purpose added a full-time attorney. Most of the activity in northern Israel is involved with environmental protection and that is because the region is rich in natural reserves and valuable historical sites. We have already filed several petitions this year against the ecological damage to ... Read More »

Little House in Peki’in

  A Jew whose home in Peki’in in the Upper Galilee was burned down by local rioters has now been ordered to demolish the house or renovate it – without the government compensation due to a victim of nationalistic violence.   Asher Hazan who bought his home, which had been owned by Jews for generations, in Peki’in sixteen years ago, ... Read More »

Illegal building Mt. Meron Nature Reserve

10's of houses are being built illegally  in the beautiful Mt. Meron Nature Reserve and only Regavim is fighting to have this phenomena halted Mt. Meron National Park Building:  Illegal construction offenders are involved in widespread building and development as they destroy the Mount Meron Nature Reserve in the upper Galilee – all without permits or authorization. The Regavim coordinator ... Read More »