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New Masterplan Approved for Druze Township in Galilee

(JewishPress, October 13 2020) Israel’s Regional Planning and Construction Board (Northern District) has approved the publication of a new municipal masterplan for Julis, a Druze township in the Galilee. The new masterplan paves the way for construction of some 3,000 new housing units, providing residential opportunities that will allow the township to double its population to 12,5000 residents while enabling ... Read More »

Palestinian Authority make ecological assault on Nahal Alexander

In response to Regavim’s complaint over new environmental hazards in Nahal Alexander, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has placed the blame elsewhere. Nahal Alexander, which flows from the western side of the Samaria mountain belt through the Sharon area and into the Mediterranean Sea, has been plagued by an ecological disaster — mainly due to sewage coming from areas controlled ... Read More »

Gafni, Tibi, working together to freeze the ‘Kamintz Law’

“Caving to pressure from the Arab MKs, Finance Committee Chairman MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) will hold a discussion Monday morning regarding freezing the “Kaminitz Law.” The Kaminitz Law is the term for the amendments to the Planning and Building Law in 2017, which was formulated following extensive administrative work by a staff headed by Deputy Attorney General (Civil), Adv. Erez ... Read More »

United Arab List’s Celebration of the Repeal of the Kaminetz Law is Fake News

This morning (Wednesday), the Knesset Arrangements Committee assigned hearings on enforcement of the ‘Kaminetz Law’ to the Finance Committee. MKs from the United Arab List immediately launched a flurry of tweets framing the decision as a step toward the successful repeal of the law. MK Osama Saadi of the United Arab List claimed that in last Wednesday’s hearing on the ... Read More »

Midnight Drama in the Knesset’s Twilight Hours: Last ditch effort staved off an attempt by the United Arab List to repeal the “Kaminetz Law”

As the Knesset was about to vote to disband and set a mutually-acceptable date for yet another round of national elections, MK Ahmed Tibi dug in his heels, demanding the inclusion of a rider clause repealing the ‘Kaminetz Law.” Thanks to the vigilance of a small group of MKs, Tibi’s late-night strong-arm ploy was headed off. Regavim: “Repealing the law ... Read More »

Naomi Khan of Regavim Interviewed on Kan English News

Kan English News interviewed Director of Regavim’s International Division, Naomi Kahn, who explained why rescinding the Kaminitz Law would cause havoc in Israel’s Galilee and Negev. The Kaminitz Law, also known as Amendment 116 to Israel’s plumbing and building code, was passed in the Knesset in 2017. It has resulted in cutting illegal building and construction across all sectors of ... Read More »

Report: Gantz to Make Deal Allowing Arabs to Conquer Galilee

“The United Arab List is set to recommend to President Reuven Rivlin that he appoint Benny Gantz to attempt to form a government – and a report on Channel 13 said that the recommendation comes at a price: The cancellation of a law that increases penalties for illegal construction in the Negev and Galilee.” Read more HERE at Breaking Israel ... Read More »

Group Demands Crackdown on ‘Car Graveyards’

“The Regavim movement, which works to ensure the integrity of ownership of land in Israel, has filed complaints with authorities on the use of state and private land in northern Israel by Arabs for use as “car graveyards.” According to the organization, Arabs have dumped thousands of hulks of burned-out vehicles in national parks, vineyards, and farmland. The group said ... Read More »

Important First Steps in Resolving the Question of Galilee Green or Metallic Green

Do you think that illegal construction only affects people involved in a land dispute? Think again. ‘Following Regavim’s petition against an illegal, highly-polluting scrapyard in the Israeli Arab town of Rameh, the Israel Police carried out enforcement measures last week, an important first step in protecting Israel’s delicate and highly vulnerable ecosystem.’ Read more HERE on the Love of the Land ... Read More »

Knesset Internal Affairs Committee: “Police Must Provide Transparent, Itemized Case Management Statistics”

A recent hearing of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee, initiated by Regavim, exposed gaps in the Police Force’s reporting of enforcement operations regarding planning and construction violations. The Police Force was required to submit a “transparent” and detailed report of its activities, and to explain why the specialized unit created to deal exclusively with building-code cases has been diverted, time ... Read More »