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The Big Bluff v2

The Big Bluff II 2013-5774 Ineffectiveness of the Law Enforcement Authorities in Judea and Samaria Follow-up Report Introduction In recent months the issue of the absence of law enforcement in Judea and Samaria has appeared once more on the public agenda. The state comptroller, retired Judge Yosef Shapira, even devoted a special chapter in the last State Comptroller’s Report[1] to ... Read More »

PR: MK Smotrich urges Sen. Feinstein to Refrain from Undermining Israel’s High Court of Justice

For immediate release: July 29th, 2015 MK Betzalel Smotrich, formerly of Regavim, a legal advocacy organization in Israel, respectfully asks Senator Dianne Feinstein to respect Israeli rule of law and refrain from meddling in Israel’s well respected legal system. MK Betzalel Smotrich (Bayit HaYehudi) and formerly Director of Operations of Regavim responded today to the letter Senator Dianne Feinstein ( D-Cal) sent ... Read More »

Facts ignored – the invention of a village

      Published Jerusalem Post 22nd. July 2015 On July 16, the daily press briefing of the State Department astonished legal circles in Israel. In response to the second question, preceded only by an inquiry on the Iran agreement from which Israel is still reeling, State Department Spokesperson, John Kirby responded, with a prepared statement, pressuring Israel not to ... Read More »

Beware Ottoman Land Law

    31st. July, 2015 According to Arab claimants, the area of Susiya, which includes an ancient Jewish village that was built about 1,600 years ago, and perhaps as early as the late Second Temple period, is “private Palestinian land” owned by Arabs who started illegally building in the area about two decades ago and have been squatting there ever ... Read More »

The Facts about the Arab encampment near Susiya

A historical village? Not really!    The claim that this is an Arab village which existed hundreds of years, or even decades, is completely false. According to travelers in the 19th century, and from surveys of villages and population conducted by the British mandatory powers in 1945, which mention all of the villages in the area and even some of the ... Read More »


22nd July 2015 For immediate release: REGAVIM URGES THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT & EU TO REFRAIN FROM UNDERMINING ISRAEL’S HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE Regavim, a legal advocacy organization in Israel, strongly urges the US State Department and the EU to refrain from meddling in Israel’s well-respected legal system. Regavim responded today to the US State Department’s ill informed press statement ... Read More »

Supreme Court Rejects all claims of Bedouin ownership to Al Arakib

The Justices of the Supreme Court have rejected all of the claims of the Bedouin to ownership of the lands of Al Arakib in the Negev. A significant judicial loss for the extreme leftist NGOs in the battle of the Bedouin for Negev lands. The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of the residents of the Bedouin village of Al ... Read More »

The facts about Umm-Hiran

The Abu Al Qian family (approx. 50 people at the time) lived in the area of Bet Kama in the Negev. Based on a 1957 official Government letter, the Abu Al Qian agreed to be moved to another location because they were involved in weapons smuggling and security incidents. The larger tribe in the area of Bet Kama, Al Huzayyal, ... Read More »

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